The Difference A Grant Can Make

New Bridge Medical Center

The Difference A Grant Can Make

We recently provided a grant to a facilitator at a major treatment center in northern NJ. While they are a major organization, our small grant made a world of difference.

In group, we have thirty to forty-five clients at a time. The large number makes it hard to engage when trying to have a group topic. With this money, I am able to provide more effective and meaningful groups by bringing in more interactive elements. I have seen the impact that it has made on my clients and influenced their recovery. So far I have incorporated elements of art and games with my clients. Currently, I am looking into purchasing workbooks that focus on unique and specific topics to cover, adding musical elements, and yoga.

Your generous contribution has made a positive impact on my clients and the community as a whole.

GROW was founded to help provide a meaningful impact for people and groups who don’t qualify for massive grants. So many foundations only give $40,000 or more while countless programs and individuals need $1,000 or less to make an impact. We are actively looking to reach more people, to help more people, and to give (and raise) more money.

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