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23 Aug 2017
GROW Foundation merchandise

New Ways To Support GROW

This has been a productive summer for GROW! We were invited to collaborate with some amazing people including the world famous House Of YES and the Wormtown Festival in Massachusets. These spaces will help us spread our message, meet new people and sell our exciting new merch!

GROW Foundation t-shirtGROW Foundation pin

We now have t-shirts and hat pins available for sale. All the proceeds go directly to GROW and they ship right away. You can click the pictures to see them in our Etsy store.


28 Mar 2017
Chef Nate Smith Allswell

Delicious Eats at Our Launch Party!

You know we’ll be hosting our Launch Party on April 8 at Webster Hall in NYC but today, we’re proud to announce that the AMAZING Chef Nate Smith will be donating the food (aka dance fuel). Chef Smith was the head chef at the famous Spotted Pig in NYC before opening his own restaurant Allswell in Brooklyn. Allswell has a frequently updated menu that focuses on organic, local, gastropub fare in a cozy setting. Located in Williamsburg, Allswell is the go-to spot for burgers, brunch, and fresh flavors.

For our party, Chef Smith will create a menu of pass around bites so you don’t have to stop dancing. We are still finalizing the actual menu but you can be assured that you will want more of it!

Nate Smith

21 Feb 2017

How GROW Came To Be

In January of 1997, the DEA finally had enough evidence to arrest me. 6 months of phone taps, surveillance, and informant intel culminated with my face on the hood of a car, gun to my head, surrounded by 15 unmarked cars protecting 30 or so agents with shotguns and pistols aimed in my direction. I watched my 15-year-old sister get arrested, shotgun to her back, as they cuffed me. This was supposed to be a quick deal on my way to visit my mother in the hospital. Instead, my father was called to bail his children out while at his wife’s bedside watching her recover from a collapsed lung she suffered earlier the same day.
In the 20 years since that event, I have completed two degrees including an MBA in strategic management, won an international business plan competition, built and sold multiple companies, and traveled the world. All without drugs. My path to recovery began with a rehab facility and 12-step work to impress the judge. What really kept me out of trouble was the new connections I made. People my age with similar interests who were having fun (more fun than I thought I was having) and who remembered it all.
These connections have lasted all these years and grown to friends, colleagues, teachers, and sources of inspiration across the world. Since I started on this journey, many new forms, methods, and best practices have been uncovered and furthered by experts in the field. Advances in technology, psychology, and communication have allowed for many to help many. Both in person and long-distance healing is available now thanks to the tireless curiosity, research, and experimentation of people across the world.
In 2012, I hosted a party to celebrate having 15 years clean. We raffled off some donated items and raised over $5,000 for an NGO working on addiction prevention and treatment. Since then, addiction and drug abuse grew across the world. In planning a party to celebrate 20 years clean I realized we had an opportunity to beat that contribution and committed to raising $50,000. This amount can certainly help an NGO and they would be grateful. In starting to research who would be a viable recipient, I realized that I could help more people with many small donations vs one large one. Thus The GROW Foundation was born. We will continuously be raising funds and vetting NGOs to determine their value and use of funds. As technology and treatment options continue to change we will stay up to date and ensure our impact is palpable.
Aaron Mandelbaum February, 2017
31 Jan 2017

GROW Together Launch Event

We’re throwing a party to celebrate our launch and you’re invited! This amazing event will take place on April 8th at the amazing Webster Hall in New York City. In the last few months of planning, many people have come together to donate time and resources that will create a space of joy, connectedness, and celebration. Many of us have been to fundraising events involving sitting, listening to speeches, and maybe a band at the end of the night. Oh yes, give us money too. We want to do something different. Our goal is to leave you inspired and sore from dancing. We are celebrating the launch of our efforts and the future we are committed to; A future where those on the cutting edge of helping are supported in their efforts. We will have some things you’ve never seen at a fundraising party. Here are just some of the exciting things you can expect:

Your MC for the evening will be the amazing,  inspirational author and activist Jeffrey Marsh. Author of ‘How to Be You’ from Penguin Random House, Jeffrey is an LGBTQ activist and icon whose message of inclusion and acceptance has amassed over 300 MILLION views on social media. Named ‘Viner of the Year’ by CBS, Jeffrey has 500k+ fans on their social channels and is the creator of the global trends #NoTimeToHateMyself and #DontSayThatsSoGay. Jeffrey has been a friend and inspiration for many years and is very excited to host you.

Not one but two bands will be performing this night. First up is the amazing Rick Sorkin. His music evokes power, intensity, and deep honesty. He has been an amazing supporter of the GROW Foundation from the start so he will by flying out from LA to join this historic event.

Your headliner for the evening will be Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution

Since 2007 Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution has been on a musical mission to make the world a more righteous place.  The two main visionaries of this 12-piece explosion of love – Brother Joscephus and his eccentric cohort, the Right Reverend Dean Dawg – dip heavily into a gumbo rich with the powerful rhythms of New Orleans, old school funk and soul, classic rock and a healthy dose of feel-good gospel music.  BroJo combines all this with a message of righteousness, urging us towards acceptance and loving one another.

Brother Joscephus was one of our first choices for this event. Luckily they were available and after telling them about our mission they were very excited to participate. We promise you will have to dance. Please wear comfy shoes!

Along with the music, we are hosting a raffle with amazing prizes, a silent auction, and some surprises. Some prizes include a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, an African safari, a custom designed cake and lots of chocolate.

All ticket sales go directly to supporting our work. We hope you can join us on April 8th.